Dan Fish Farms - An Israeli Success Story

Located in Kibbutz Dan, Dan Fish Farms is one of its kinds in Israel, where fish are raised in pure streaming water deriving from the melting snow of Mount Hermon.

Since 1946, "Dan Fish" farms specializes in Trout farming. Every year, approximately 500 tons of trout are raised on the farms, providing for over 90% of the demand for trout in Israel. The trout is sold and served at the finest restaurants, hotels, convention and event centers.

"Dan Fish" has 45 fish ponds built along the Dan River, with its spring waters streaming directly into them.

The fishery is managed by experts in marketing, biology and aquaculture. It has a new research and development division, working constantly on developing new species, products and innovative farming methods. The division is considered one of the most advanced in its field on a global scale.

"Dan Fish" is globally considered one of the best and most advanced fisheries, attracting fish farmers from around the world who come to learn from the innovative developments and successful farming methods the farm has to offer.
One of our values at "Dan Fish" is conservation of nature and the environment. At the end of the trout raising process, fish farming waters are returned to the stream, after having undergone a purification and filtering process to avoid any contamination of the environment.

Fresh trout raised in "Dan Fish" are sold in chain stores, fish stores and delis. The fisheries frozen fish are sold in chain stores under the brand name 'Delidag'.

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דגי הדן, קיבוץ דן, ד.נ הגליל העליון, 12245 טל' 04-6902411


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